Building a Life Worth Living

Earlier this month Marsha Linehan's memoir, Building a Life Worth Living, was released. Now Matters Now is hosting an online book club to discuss 3 chapters a week, for 12 weeks, and I am joining in big time! It will mostly be on Twitter, but I'll be posting the prompts over on Instagram as well. In the book we learn that Marsha is One of Us, and how she made a vow to get herself out of hell and use whatever skills she learned to help get others out of hell too.

Reading this book, though I am only 12 chapters into it right now, has been so inspiring and life affirming. I have long thought that someday I would like to go back to grad school and then get certified to teach DBT. My therapist is always encouraging me, because the way I talk about my experiences, my struggle, and my way out of it is apparently very articulate and inspiring to her, and she thinks I could help a lot of people. I am not quite ready to tackle this goal, but I can feel myself getting closer to it. In the meantime, I am finding hobbies and running this blog and creating a life worth living.

As you may or may not know, one of those hobbies is volunteering with Now Matters Now, creating graphics and helping with social media. It all started on Twitter, when I reached out to the amazing Ursula Whiteside, shortly after finishing my DBT program and losing my dad to suicide. I feel incredibly lucky to have my suicide prevention hero as a friend and colleague now. Working on this book club project with her has been so fulfilling. I hope you will join us in February!

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